It’s my first time back to the rink since it was closed for August. The place smells fresh, and the floor has a dangerously shiny look – fresh from refinishing.Everyone goes around for awhile, getting used to their skates when the rules are announced over the loudspeaker:

  1. Mind the skate guards
  2. No racing, pushing, or other wise dangerous behavior
  3. Skate the same direction
  4. Don’t pick up/carry your kids while in skates

Afterwards, the lights are turned down over the rink and the walls glow with fluorescent graffiti under black lights.Tip – patterned clothing in neon and white look AMAZING on skates.I notice there are some pretty standard ways to get used to skating.

  1. (My personal method:) Desperately press your hands against the wall while you inch your wheels forward.
  2. Many children will hold the hand of a more skilled parent.
  3. Braver children will hold the hands of friends. I’ve seen chorus lines stretch anywhere from 2 to 8 people boys and girls alike.
  4. It seems the easiest way to learn happens when you have another who can skate backwards, holding both your hands while you roll forward.

Skate World makes these “Skate Mates” which are sort off like walkers on wheels. We got one for my daughter the first time we all went out skating together, and (though not foolproof) it works like a charm in getting the child to feel more confident about skating and get moving.