My husband promises our daughter that he’ll pay her one dollar for every 20 laps around the rink.

A girl complains to her phone, “People suck! Why did she have go and get grounded?” While one of her two young companions complains that she Hayes this song.

A trio of talk girls skate around together, one of them wearing a headband tiara, making it look cool.

A skate guard shows some fancy footwork on a heavy beat.

Penny works some tools on the skates of a laughing teen, who is still wearing them.

A handful of koolaid shirts glow with cheshire smiles inn the black light.

A large man with a purple and pink fauxhawk joins the fray. Soooo cool.

It’s an hour into the evening open skate, and I know the crowd is yet to build, but the party is already loud and fun.